Whitney Way Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, is facing criticism from fans for her behavior, which some are likening to that of a toddler. Even before Season 11 began, Thore was under fire, and now that the show is in full swing, her attitude has become even more overbearing. So, what are fans saying about her now? Let’s dive into the details.

This season has been challenging for viewers as they witnessed the Thore family grieving the loss of their matriarch, Babs, which has been a traumatic experience. At the same time, fans feel that Whitney Way Thore is pressuring her father, Glenn, to move on too quickly. Additionally, Glenn’s secret daughter from 1968, who was put up for adoption, has reentered their lives, and Whitney seems to be pushing the situation onto Glenn. Furthermore, she has been dictating to her friends who have been there to offer support, constantly giving orders. It has become difficult to watch, and viewers noticed something disturbing in a recent episode.

Whitney Way Thore had a room in her home for her brother, Hunter Thore, but she was bothered by the way he kept it. She believed he was a hoarder and felt disgusted by him. A fan noticed that their dynamic had become so bad that she threw a shoe at his head and shared this observation on Reddit. The original poster (OP) noted that this was not the first time Thore had exhibited such behavior, stating, “Did anyone else notice Whitney hurling her shoe at Hunter in the latest episode? She bloodied Buddy’s head when she threw a remote at him a couple of seasons ago and couldn’t stop laughing about it.”

Other Redditors chimed in with their thoughts on the matter. One commenter added, “Yes, she threw her nasty stinky shoe at Hunter. This is what toddlers do. She threw the remote at Buddy, and she also threw a medicine ball straight at her mother’s face, and then pretended that it was ‘accidental’ so that she could faux-apologize all over Babs.”

Bringing up the shoe incident opened up a discussion about Thore’s behavior, with Redditors recalling other instances where she threw items, such as a rotten banana at Babs. Many had forgotten about these incidents but were shocked and disbelieving of Thore’s actions. It seems that throwing objects at others, including her brother, has become a habit for her.

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