Hunter Brown, a member of the Brown family featured on the reality TV show Sister Wives, has chosen to keep a relatively low profile on the series. However, he remains active on social media, providing updates about his life to fans. Despite the challenges faced by the Brown family, Hunter maintains a positive outlook and continues to pursue his passions.

Hunter graduated from the Air Force Academy with a major in biology but decided to shift his career path to nursing. He recently completed his Master’s in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University. Currently, he reportedly works as a nurse at Valley Healthcare System in Las Vegas. Hunter’s social media posts often showcase his happy life surrounded by a close circle of friends.

In July, Hunter shared photos from his girlfriend Audrey Hubert’s birthday celebration, expressing his love and admiration for her. This occasion also served as a soft introduction of Audrey to the public, as she is rumored to be Gabriel’s girlfriend.

While there were initial speculations that Hunter would be moving back to Arizona, Janelle expressed excitement about his return. However, there are indications that he and his girlfriend may have relocated to Las Vegas together. In a previous post from Logan’s wedding, Audrey’s sister referred to Hunter and Audrey as the “new couple in Vegas.”

Hunter remains discreet about his current activities but continues to spend time with his family. He attended Gwedlyn and Beatriz Queiroz’s wedding in July, demonstrating his close bond with his loved ones.

As for Hunter’s relationship status, he and Audrey are believed to be living together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Janelle has publicly expressed her fondness for Audrey and enjoys spending time with her. However, Kody Brown, the patriarch of the family, has yet to comment on Hunter and Audrey’s relationship. He has been estranged from some of Janelle’s adult sons, although he expressed regret and apologized to Garrison and Gabriel in Season 18 of the show.

Hunter Brown’s journey on Sister Wives showcases his commitment to his career and his pursuit of a fulfilling love life. While the family dynamics continue to evolve, Hunter remains focused on his personal growth and happiness.

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