The popular TLC show, 1000 Lb Sisters, follows the lives, transformation journeys, and struggles of two sisters, Tammy and Amy Slaton. Tammy, at her highest weight, reached 717 pounds, while Amy weighed slightly over 400 pounds.

Both sisters faced numerous challenges on their path to achieving their desired goals. Previously, Tammy weighed significantly more than her younger sister, Amy. However, recent revelations indicate that the elder sister now weighs only 30 pounds more than her younger sibling.

According to insider information shared with Thesun, Tammy, who is 37 years old, currently weighs just 30 pounds more than Amy. The insider explained that Amy has been finding it difficult to focus on her own weight loss journey as she is a single mother taking care of her two boys, Gage and Glenn. Amy and her former husband, Michael Halterman, got divorced earlier this year.

The source also revealed that Tammy is dedicated to continuing her weight loss journey and is determined to lose more weight by maintaining her new lifestyle. However, she is facing the challenge of loose skin due to her significant weight loss in recent years. Tammy reportedly wants to address this issue by undergoing skin removal surgery, particularly around her neck, to eliminate the excess skin.

The insider shared that Tammy is extremely insecure about her loose skin, which adds to the confusion surrounding her weight compared to Amy’s. It is unclear whether Tammy has lost more weight or if Amy has gained a few pounds, as there was previously a weight difference of nearly 115 pounds between them. During the summer, Tammy weighed a little less than 340 pounds, while Amy was close to 225 pounds.

The ongoing journey of the Slaton sisters continues to captivate fans, and their determination to overcome their weight struggles is inspiring to many.

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