Tammy Slaton, known for her appearance on 1000 Lb Sisters, has faced numerous controversies throughout her journey. Initially, she struggled with neglecting her health, experiencing relapses, and displaying negative behavior towards her loved ones. However, she eventually realized the need to make a change for herself.

Tammy managed to improve her health and qualified for bariatric surgery. She also found love with Caleb Willingham, a friend she met in rehab, and they got married within six months. Unfortunately, Caleb lost his battle with weight loss and passed away. Now, it seems that Tammy is ready to move forward and has joined dating apps to explore new connections.

In addition to her journey towards better health and her recent loss, Tammy has also been open about her sexuality. A few seasons ago, she came out as pansexual during a conversation with her then-boyfriend, Jerry. She explained that she is attracted to people regardless of their gender.

While Tammy has primarily dated men on the show, a source revealed that she is now interested in same-sex relationships and wishes to date women. This revelation has sparked speculation among 1000 Lb Sisters fans, who wonder if they might see Tammy with a girlfriend in the upcoming season. However, it is important to note that Tammy has not made any public statements about her dating life or immediate plans to move on.

Ultimately, only time will tell if Tammy will find someone new and embark on a new chapter in her life.

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